nMakeTx :: texture tiler for Arnold

nMakeTx :: texture tiler

nMakeTx :: texture tiler

MipMapping your textures before rendering is a real time saver, but doing it one texture by one from the command line is not.

I did this little UI to speed up the conversion process letting you mipMap all the textures you have in the scene, or all the textures inside a folder (and its sub folders), directly from inside Maya.
You can also specify if you want to tile only the textures that are missing, only textures that have been modified or convert everything again.
Please note that this tool uses the command line tool “makeTx.exe” from OpenImageIO and it is NOT included.
You can download an unofficial release from here.

To bring up the UI please write in a python tab:

import nMakeTx

By default the -oiio flag is enabled, it sets up the best settings for Arnold.
You can find the download on CreativeCrash!


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