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animSelector v1.3.4

I finally had some time to update the “animSelector” script with the suggestions I got in the last few months and with some ideas I had while working on other tools.
AnimSelector is a maya script that lets you create selection sets for your rigs that can be then selected from a picker window. It is extremely useful both when your rig came with no GUI and when you need to extend the controls on an existing one.
To use the script, copy “” to your maya script folder (on windows “c:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Documents\maya\scripts\”) and the icons to your icon folder (on windows “Documents\maya\YOUR_MAYA_VERSION\prefs\icons\”).
Then open Maya and type in the script editor (in a python tab)

import animSelector

It will create a shelf tab and two buttons, one for the setup and one for the picker.
You can download the script from creativeCrash



Setup Window

Setup Window

This is the main window and lets you setup the selection sets on your character.

  • A) Char Name: Input the name of your character here.
  • B) Ctrl Name: Input here the name of selection sets.
  • C) Replace: This button lets you assign the selected object(s) to a new or existing control group. If any of the selected objects are present in other control groups they will be removed and reassigned only to the named control group (in field B).
  • D) Add: This button allows you to add selected objects to a new or existing control group. Selected objects can be assigned multiple control groups (eg. an FKwristLeft control can exist in the ‘HandLft’, ‘FKarmChainLft’, and ‘All’).
  • E) Remove: This button lets you completely clear the selected object(s) from all the custom attributes (i.e.: they will not be in any selection sets).
  • F) Select Objs Without Attribute: This button lets you all the objects that miss at least one selection sets attribute. It comes in handy when you want to check if all of your controls have been set.
  • G) Picker: This button lets you open the picker window.
  • H) Get Name: (NEW) This button let fill the “Char Name” field with the currently active picker tab in case you want to add a new selection sets and you want to avoid typos.
Namespace Chooser

Namespace Chooser

  • I) File/Import: (NEW) The setup of the character can be exported to an external file (from the picker window) and then re-imported in another shot. The normal import lets you import the data back and re assing it to the same character. In case the namespaces are different between the shots, a window will popup letting you chose the correct one.
  • L) File/Import and remap: (NEW) This option lets you assign the setup to another character in the scene. The controls have to be the same, so it should be
    • A second reference of the same file (like when you do duplicate reference from the reference editor
    • A similar setup to the original file (like crowds or extras)
  • M) File/Help: (NEW) Opens the “help” window.
  • N) Edit/Preferences: (NEW) Opens the “preferences” window.
  • O) Update: (NEW) Attribute names’ have changed in v1.3.4. You can update the old setups to work with the new version with this function



Picker Window

Picker Window

This is the picker window. From here you can select your controls back.
(NEW) Buttons on the picker are draggable, letting you reorganize the window as you prefer (for example you can put the most used buttons on top).
You can drag and drop with the middle mouse button and the behavior is as follow:
if you have buttons A, B, and C and you drop button C on the lower half of button B, it will go below button B, otherwise it will go over button B

If you want to open this window without opening the setup one, you can use this python code:

import animSelector

  • A) Tabs: Every character will be split in his own tab.
  • B) Buttons: From here you can select your controls back.
    (NEW) The selection behavior is the same as in the viewport:

    • Click to select.
    • SHIFT + click to toggle the selection.
    • CTRL + click to deselect.
  • C) Remove Set From Scene: This will remove the selection sets from all the objects in the scene
  • D) Remove Set From Selection: This will remove the selection sets from the selected objects.
  • E) Rename button: (NEW)This will let you rename the button (and so the selection set) from the picker.
  • F) Change Button Color: (NEW) Is now possible to change the color of the buttons to create some “color groups” for easier access.
    The name of the colors and their values can be changed in the preference window.
  • G) Assign #### Hotkey: From here you can assign an hotkey to the selection of the selection sets.
    Hotkeys go from 0 to 9 and can use the CTRL or ALT modifier.
    (NEW) The selection behavior (replace, toggle or add) can be set in the preference window.
  • H) Hotkeys To Shelf: Hotkeys for each tab (i.e. each character) can be saved to the shelf being able to switch between them with just one click.
  • I) Export: (NEW) The recommended workflow is to setup the file that will be referenced, so the selection sets will be in every scene.
    However, if you are not able to, you can export the setup to an external file and import it in another scene.
  • L) Extras/Backup Hotkeys: (NEW) Lets you backup your current [0 to 9] hotkeys.


Preferences Window

Preferences Window

  • A) Custom Button Colors: (NEW) Here you can chose the label and the color to use to color the picker’s buttons.
  • B) Hotkeys Behavior: (NEW) Here you can chose the selection behavior (replace, toggle or add) for the hotkeys.
  • C) Button size: (NEW) Here you can chose the size of the buttons on the picker.
  • B) Dockable picker: (NEW) Check it if you want to be able to dock the picker to the interface. Please note that this will have NO effect on Maya versions prior to 2011

An explaining video about the tool can be found here This video was recorder with the first release of the tool.


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