New year.. new fur!! (still the same dog)

I was able to finish the simple rig and put the dog in a nice pose (hopefully someone will finish a real rig for this one one day… I’m SO horrible at skinning) and I had to pass the fur on it… so I decided to make it with mental ray this time, then i though “why don’t try puppet p_hairTK shader!”… then mhm… why don’t make nicer shaders ecc ecc… so at the end I’ve re-done almost every thing eheh.


Puppet shader is AMAZING! So fast, so much control and so much fun to say the truth. The only problem was this “bug” with shave 5.5 and maya 2011 (I couldn’t map the tip and root color with a texture :S) that forced me to downgrade to maya 2010 but I think it was worth it, I’m so happy with this! I feel like I can almost touch him eheh.

There is a turnaround too

I’ll go back to working on the little planet scene… I’m almost there!!


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