nEyeMaker 1.0

Eyes are a really important part of the character and it is not always easy to get them looking right. There are so many aspects that have to work together to make the result believable. I started this as a little study about correct eye anatomy and refraction on the cornea. Then it got out […]

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nMakeTx :: texture tiler for Arnold

MipMapping your textures before rendering is a real time saver, but doing it one texture by one from the command line is not. I did this little UI to speed up the conversion process letting you mipMap all the textures you have in the scene, or all the textures inside a folder (and its sub […]

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Hi! My name is Luca, I’m an italian currently living in Granada (Spain) and I’m a 3d artist specialized in lighting and compositing.
I’ll be posting all those nerdy stuff I do while working hoping that they can be useful to someone.

If you want to contact with me just drop me a line!

luca (dot) fiorentini (at) gmail (dot) com


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